Class of '88 - Let's Celebrate 30 Years!

Your Class Reunion Ticket will include admittance to the Reunion as well as great food and beverages including:

      -  2 hours of Open Bar (beer, wine & soda)
      -  A deliciious Roast Beef and Pork Carving Station
      -  A Flatbread Pizza Station
      -  An All American Station w/cheeseburger sliders, hot dogs, french fries, etc.
      -  A Vegetable/Cheese Station with Bruschetta

If you have any questions or want to send a check for your ticket - please contact Steven Taylor at or 202-550-6019!

We look forward to seeing you November 24th!

PS -  you must buy your ticket by November 18th!  There will be no tickets available at the door and no one will be allowed to enter without having a ticket.   Also - any refund requests must be received by November 7th!


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Class Reunion Ticket$60.00
When:11/24/2018 7pm
Where:Wolfs 1-11
Number of Tickets:
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Amy Adams
Jessica Atkins
Tom Atkins
Steve Bedell
William Blevins
Hayden Butterfield
Brendan Chudy
Robin Romer (Chudy)
Sarah Colvin
Linc Corsey
Cindy Wheaton (Couse)
Don Wheaton (Couse)
Jennifer Rose (Cox)
Christine Connolly (Dayter)
Cher Austin (Decker)
Michael DeLuca
Kelly Doyle
Beth Burgess (Drzymala)
Brian Drzymala
Karen Mesko (Duncan)
Mike Duncan
Kendra Bergmann (Durivage)
Matt Durivage
Carrianna Eurillo - Lamboy
Colleen Nunziato (Farley)
Greg Farley
Jeffrey Finnigan
Timothy J. Fisher
Erik Gunderson
Jodi Habbinger
Jamal Hammett
Julie DiBello (Harbour)
Paula Langan (Heller)
Tamra Zdziebloski (Herron)
David Isby
Heather Keller
Tom King
Ken Kingston
Nick Lamboy
Erica Lasdon
Michael Layman
Kate Quinn (Letzelter)
Lisa Gowie (Lewis)
Melissa Loizides
Tina LoPresti (LoPresti)
Cori Swart (Lownsbury)
Stephen Lownsbury
Maria Moffre (Lynch)
Sue Burns (Mantica)
Kimberly Miller
Dan Morris
Virginia Morse
Tammy Goldstein (Natalia)
John Nittinger
Helen Parreira
David Phelan
Jennifer Platt Ure
Tim Porter
Stephen Pratt
Cris Puma
Michelle Mantha (Reid)
Mark Rich
Melissa Marriner (Rost)
Coby Clancy (Scaccia)
David Scacvia
Rachel Schumacher
Sara Siegmann (Schuman)
David Showalter
Jennifer Davidson (Showalter)
Justin Slater
Stephanie Schwartzbach (Slater)
Linda Guilefuss (Smith)
Rich Smith
Teresa Tatko (Swartz)
Steven Taylor
Anna Petalas (Tirino)
Pat Tirino
Kevin Ure
Lauren Meierhans (Vigna)
Lora Siegmann (Werner)